Turn Your Relaxation Room into a 

Profit Center

Similar to lying on the beach, when clients sit in the 
Grounded Beauty Relaxation Chair 
they instantly feel the calming embrace of Nature’s Healing Energy.


Grounded Beauty Relaxation Chair

When clients sit in the chair before their treatments, they experience a deep relaxation and sense of calm.

Whenever someone sits in the Grounded Relaxation Chair, they feel the benefits immediately and want to take the experience home. Now they can, with the Grounded Beauty Relaxation Mat.

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Grounded Beauty Relaxation Mat

The Relaxation Mat is the perfect way for your clients to take the benefits of grounding home with them. It requires no selling, after just a few minutes of sitting in the Relaxation Chair, clients will feel the benefits and want to bring the experience home. 

Order Grounded Relaxation Mats

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No selling, and Easy Profit

There is no selling, clients just do what they normally do… sit down and relax.

One Relaxation Mat sale a day will generate $1,600 in new profit a month!

Two sales per day will generate $3,200 a month!

A Beautiful New Business

The Relaxation Chair is the perfect sales tool, anyone who sits in the chair will want to purchase the Relaxation Mat. Retail the mats for $159.00 and generate new profit with no added work.

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for more information and to reserve your Grounded Relaxation Chair.

or email help@groundedbeauty.com

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