Experience the healing benefits of grounding your body work table.


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Everyday massage therapists work on clients who aren’t grounded, thus they absorb their client’s stress, tension and inflammation into their own body.

This results in drained energy, inflammation, daily fatigue, and chronic pain in the therapist, further resulting in total “burnout” and career abandonment.


Grounding your body work table will help protect your health and career. Over 15 years of research has proven that grounding will…

  • Reduce and Prevent Inflammation
  • Reduce and Prevent Chronic Fatigue
  • Reduce and Prevent Chronic Pain


Click here to learn more about the research studies on grounding.

Thousands of aestheticians and massage therapists have already received their Grounding Pads and are experiencing the life changing benefits.

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“I opened a spa fifteen years ago, I worked five days a week, 10 plus hours a day, doing a range of treatments from facials to acne applications. I would be exhausted at the end of the day. I started having problems with my hands and I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I would wake up with my hands curled and stiff, and my feet very stiff.”

“When I started using the Grounding Pad, I began working a lot easier and with no pain. After only a few months my hands and feet had greatly improved. Now I have much more energy.”

Grace French, manager of The Spa @ High Desert Skin and Laser Medical Center, Victorville CA