The biggest organ in the human body is, unsurprisingly, your skin. It covers every inch of your body and is the organ most exposed to external dangers. The sun, pollution, even your own beauty routine can all cause damage to your skin that may not be visible for years. In order to protect your greatest ally in anti-aging health, you need to invest in natural and effective skin care remedies. The methods for this include both internal and external processes, but all are natural and affordable for anyone.


Below are 5 natural skin care remedies that you can do on your own at home:


  1. Get Quality Sleep

    One of the key tools in your natural skin care arsenal is getting quality sleep. This means not simply resting with your eyes shut for a few hours each night but getting at least 7-8 hours of deep sleep. When you get quality sleep, your skin has time to heal itself and can help with dark eye circles, acne, and wrinkles. Beauty sleep is one of the longest lasting natural methods of skin care and for good reason.

  2. Eat Skin Healthy Foods

    Skin healthy foods should be a staple in your diet, if they are not already. Foods that boost your skin include, but are not limited to: flax seeds, dark colored fruit, fatty fish (like salmon or tuna), and tomatoes. The key ingredients here are Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and antioxidants. By starting your natural beauty routine for your skin on the inside, you will see amazing results on the outside.

  3. Practice Earthing

    Earthing, also known as grounding, keeps you connected to the natural energy and healing power of the Earth. You can reap these benefits by going barefoot in the grass for an hour or so per day – or by using the Grounded Beauty Pillow.

    Earthing decreases stress and has been proven to give you a better night’s sleep. Sleeping is obviously known to have anti-aging properties, giving you younger looking skin. It also improves your skin by increasing your magnetism and boosting immunity. When you body is filled with positive energy and your immunity is at optimal healing levels, your skin will look fantastic.

  4. Do a Daily Facial Massage

    Practicing a daily facial massage, which is hugely popular in Europe and starting to gain traction in the US, can make your skin visibly healthier. Massages give skin a healthy glow, improve skin tissue health, and relieve facial stress. These benefits also affect blood flow in the skin and brighten your complexion. Also, they feel incredible!

  5. Try DIY Beauty Products

    External natural skin care is just as important as the internal methods above. While there are some great natural and organic options available for cleansers, shampoo, makeup, and such, trying a do-it-yourself beauty product is not only fun but can be much cheaper than standard products.

  • Use a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil as a facial cleanser
  • Mix a teaspoon of lemon and a tablespoon of baking soda together for a facial exfoliator
  • Use a teaspoon of organic coconut oil as a facial and body moisturizer
  • Blend one peeled lemon and one peeled cucumber together in a food processor and use as shampoo
  • Use a cup of apple cider vinegar as a conditioner for your hair


If you try just a few of the examples above, you will start seeing results in no time, Your skin and hair will look radiant and healthier.