Most of us have blemishes on our faces. From the start of our preteens to sometimes the rest of our lives, we all have to deal with a variety of facial imperfections: different types of acne (some of which are more obvious than others, as well as harder to take care of), rashes, peeling, irritated patches caused by makeup or food residue, and so on. It’s even more disconcerting when the sensitive skin of your face breaks out due to a serious medical problem, such as rosacea and seborrheic eczema. If you think you have a legitimate health concern, please speak to your dermatologist.


For the less worrying blotches, like puffiness, redness, and acne, there are many purported solutions to fix them- you just have to put in the time, money, and effort. A lot of treatments can be expensive, especially the brand name ones with large kits. And those might not even work for your skin type! You have to buy them regularly and there are a lot of steps and products to go through to clean your face, and you may find that you read the instructions incorrectly on the bottles and end up making a mistake somewhere down the line of your morning and/or evening routine. Plus there are the extra products you may put on and actions you have to execute after your treatment, such as moisturizing your face from dry-out caused by benzoyl peroxide, a drug which is in a lot of skin treatment methods.
One simple thing you can do to make sure your face stays clean during the night is to use a fresh grounded pillowcase. Pillowcases, like clothes and other linens, need to be cleaned frequently in order to prevent buildup of bad stuff that can irritate your skin. It is easy, cheap, and effective to throw a couple of pillowcases in with the usual laundry, and you can use one side of the pillowcase one night, and the flip side the next night. This will not replace your usual morning and/or evening routine(s), but it will ensure that your face is not unduly abundant with germs when you wake up.