Why You Should Care About Your Circulation

It is safe to assume that most people do not consciously think about their circulatory system on a daily basis. In all honesty, they probably don’t even do it on a monthly or annual basis either. Yet, the circulatory system is hugely important when

6 Ways to Get Your Best Sleep Every Night

It cannot be emphasized enough just how vital it is that everyone gets high quality sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night. Even a few small changes can help you achieve your best natural ways to sleep better each and every night. Just remember that it
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Six Foods to Help with Your Health

Good health starts from the inside and works its way; meaning whatever you put into your body will reflect how you look on the outside. A well-balanced diet as natural beauty remedies usually contains the

Simple Ways to Incorporate Grounding into Your Day

Grounding, or also called earthing, is a trend in natural health practices that has been gaining traction over the last few years in the scientific and health communities. The practice of grounding basically encompasses linking your body directly to
grounded beauty- Turn back the clock

5 Ways to Turn Back the Clock While You Sleep

There is no magic potion to turn back the clock on the aging process. However, there are several pretty easy ways that you are able to nudge it backwards – even while you sleep. It has already been incredibly well documented that sleep is amazing for

5 Must-Do Natural Skin Care Remedies

The biggest organ in the human body is, unsurprisingly, your skin. It covers every inch of your body and is the organ most exposed to external dangers. The sun, pollution, even your own beauty routine can all cause damage to your skin that may not be
Girl with Acne

A Simple Remedy for Reducing Acne

Most of us have blemishes on our faces. From the start of our preteens to sometimes the rest of our lives, we all have to deal with a variety of facial imperfections: different types of acne (some of which are more obvious than others, as well as
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How Sleep Promotes Younger Looking Skin

You need at least eight to nine hours of sleep per night, depending on your age.    During this time, your body takes the opportunity to check around and heal itself wherever it deems necessary to do so. Most of the healing agents are
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6 Reasons Why Sleep Improves Skin Health

Did you know the sleep you catch every night can have a powerful impact on your skin health? Here's how. If you’ve ever been sleep-deprived, it means your body produces more of the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol can lead to