NFL Quarterback Aaron Rogers is known for being a bright guy. He is known to have a deep interest in science, a photographic memory, and he totally killed it on Jeopardy! And last September, we found out he read our book:

“One off-season, for fun, Rodgers—thrower of touchdowns, seeker of truths—read Earthing, a book that explains how the physical disconnect between human beings and nature (mainly because of things like shoes and beds) contributes to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress and poor sleep.” – Sports Illustrated, September 21, 2015

Mr. Rogers, we are honored by this. And you’ve also brought up a very good point: men need to stay grounded just as much as women do! This will help inflammation, provide a better night’s sleep, and help relieve stress.

So men – whether you’re a Greenbay Packers fan or not – take a page out of Aaron Rogers’ playbook. Walk around in the grass, use a grounded pillow, or find other creative ways to connect yourself to the earth!