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Success Stories | Grounded Beauty

Success Stories



“I am a yoga instructor, and I highly recommend the silver pillow case to my students.  Since using the pillow, I am able to sleep soundly on my back without any disturbance.  No more tossing and turning!  I am reaping the full benefits of deep restorative sleep every night through this grounding technology.  All I have to do is lie down and the pillow takes care of the rest.

I owe Clinton a huge “Thank You!” for all the work he has done to bring this awesome healing energy to people worldwide!”

-Vikki Wallace


“I absolutely love the Grounded Beauty pillow!  What an amazing concept.  I haven’t thought about it before, but it makes so much sense. Of course, we are meant to remain connected to the earth’s abundant, flowing energy.  But the hustle and bustle of modern life has disconnected us, confining us in our high-rise buildings and shopping centers.  Beyond that, this pillow just feels fantastic.  It’s very well constructed and feels luxurious against my skin.  There’s definitely a difference in my sleep quality.  I used to wake up multiple times throughout the night and have trouble getting back to sleep, but now I sleep like a baby!  Also, I caught a nasty cold last week, but with this pillow, I recovered more quickly than usual.  I only had to take a couple of days off work instead of a week or more.  Overall, I am greatly impressed with Grounded Beauty’s product! AND I would eagerly recommend this product to others!”

-Jenna Bickel


“My sleep has vastly improved.  Even if I don’t get enough hours, the quality of rest is such that my energy stores are still replenished the next morning.  Also, I’ve noticed my dreams are longer and more vivid, which is a neat perk!  I’ve enjoyed Grounded Beauty’s pillow very much!”

-Betsy Carlson


Ashley – “When I was 12 years old, I started breaking out.  My mom tried all sorts of things to treat my acne—changes in diet, cleansing soaps, creams—but nothing helped.  I was about to start a prescription medicine, when I was introduced to the Grounded Beauty pillow.  It has literally changed my life.  My confidence is higher than ever!”

Stacey – “Seeing my daughter’s beautiful face covered in acne broke my heart.  As a mother, I felt so helpless!  I watched my outgoing, cheery, and witty daughter slowly withdraw into a shell of embarrassment.  She stopped attending family and school functions.  She even stopped wearing tank tops or bathing suits in the summer, when the acne spread to her chest and back.  With every new product or treatment, we were on a roller-coaster of emotions—high hopes dashed every time.  The disappointment was exhausting.  Then, this amazing pillow came along and came through for her!  This has restored my lovely daughter, inside and out.  I’m so happy to see her blossom again!”

-Ashley and her mother Stacey


“Within minutes of laying on the grounding pillow, I felt its calming effects!  I got two—one for my husband and one for my mother. We were amazed at how calm and more refreshed we felt after sleeping or napping.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck in November—my husband and my mother were involved in a severe car accident and our lives were turned upside down.  The stress would have been unmanageable without our grounding pillows. My mother is bed-ridden and completely reliant on us now, so whenever there’s a chance to rest, we head straight for our grounding mats and pillows to recharge most effectively.  We intend to add more grounding products to my mother’s hospital bed, our living room chair and sofa, and our guest room.  Every home should have them—and every classroom too!  I believe it would help everyone relax and inhibit heart problems.  We love our grounding pillows.”

-Rosanna & Aladdin Elgohary and Angelina Abeyta